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mahmoud ahmadinejad speaks at the united nations general assembly today. president obama addressed the assembly yesterday saying now is not the time to grant palestine's request for statehood. the president says an independent palestine needs to emerge from peace negotiations with israel. >>> today the president will stop in ohio to promote his job creation plan. mr. obama will visit a run-down bridge in cincinnati to highlight the type of infrastructure projects that his proposal would create. it connects kentucky and ohio the home states of house speaker john boehner and senate minority legaller mitch mcconnell. >>> so you may discover your new favored band or movie on facebook. the social media giant is set to announce new features all aimed at engaging its millions of users. facebook developers meet in san francisco this morning. ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to roll out new partnerships at the conference. the goal, to make facebook more social for users as they share music, tv shows and other media. >> they have to start generating more engagement as we say in the interacti
are on their way to the united nations to attend the 66th annual session of the u.n. general assembly. lead irs from around the world are gathering in new york starting today. president obama is scheduled to address the assembly on wednesday. >>> 4:43 now. an anti-terror operation in great britain has led to the arrest of seven people. west midland police say six men were arrested in birmingham overnight suspected of preparing or instigating an act of terror in the united kingdom. in addition a woman was arrested this morning accused of failing to disclose information. >>> the death toll from a powerful earthquake in india has now risen to 50. the 6.9 quake happened in the northeastern part of the country yesterday. it was felt as far away as new delhi and nepal's capital katmandu. and concrete slabs and bricks and mud are cleared away to rescue trapped victims. much of the damage is still unknown because the region is in a very ve moat location. there have about -- remote location. there have been two aftershocks and experts have warned that more are possible. >>> president obama today will un
. >>> the united nation now recognizes libya's transitional council as that country's legitimate government but that hasn't been the biggest issue at this week's meeting of the u.n. general assembly. president obama will meet today with mahmoud abbas hoping to convince the palestinian leader to back off his bid for statehood. >> the president will be able to say very directly, why we believe that action of the united nations is not the way to create a palestinian state. >> the president will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu before those meetings. mr. obama will address the u.n. general assembly this morning. >>> next week, the president will return to the silicon valley. sunday he will attend fundraisers at private homes in woodside and atherton. the atherton event is a dinner that reportedly costs more than $35,000 per couple. monday, the president will take part in a linkedin town hall meeting at the computer's history museum in mountain view. >>> a top executive from silicon valley is in washington today. google's ceo eric schmidt will have to answer questions from sen
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3